Imagine a world where every time you go to the doctor you pay cash up front before you are treated, where every time you rent an apartment you pay 2 years cash up front, or where your monthly paycheck is frequently delayed for months at a time. Then imagine that same world without credit cards, or school loans, or car loans. This is every day life for hundreds of millions of people in Africa, and we’re going to change it.

Our mobile lending platform provides instant consumer loans; in less than a minute a user can apply for and receive a loan with the privacy and convenience of their mobile phone. Smartphone not required.

Our partners include banks, telecommunications operators, and payments companies. Our investors come from traditional corridors like Silicon Valley and Wall Street as well as emerging hotspots like Lagos and Kigali.

We use cutting-edge technologies like Scala, Go, Docker, Swagger, and AWS. Our custom analytics engine is considerably faster than Spark, and we work with some of the most interesting data sets in the world.

Come and join us on our journey. We are headquartered in San Francisco and are looking for talented engineers and data scientists. Email your resume to