There are over 3B consumers in the world with no access to formal credit.

Access to credit is a key link between economic opportunity and economic outcome. Without the ability to obtain credit in times of need, businesses are harder to start and run, apartments are harder to rent, and emergencies can become disasters.

We're here to do something about it.

Until now, consumers in emerging markets have had limited access to credit in any form. Even when credit is technically available, it often requires days or weeks of form-filling and waiting. Instead, we provide an end-to-end platform where consumers can apply for a loan through a mobile phone, be instantly approved, and receive funds within minutes. This is made possible by our proprietary credit scoring system, which uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze multiple data sources and cost-effectively predict default risk for both banked and unbanked consumers.

We work with local partners to deliver local solutions.

Financial inclusion at scale requires partnerships between existing stakeholders. Our platform enables local banks, regulators, payment processors, and telecommunications operators to participate in consumer lending with minimal effort. We hide the technical complexity and reduce the costs so stakeholders drive what they think is best for their market.

Automated Lending Platform


Our custom in-memory analytics platform is based on years of research at Stanford University. It is built to manage high-volume, real-time data sets and effortlessly scales up to hundreds of nodes. Merging everything from mobile carrier data to bank data to payments data, we process terabytes of data in seconds to make instant transaction decisions.


We run state-of-the-art machine learning, graph, and optimization algorithms to build financial models for credit scoring and fraud detection. We combine mobile subscriber data with web and financial data to provide highly predictive models that learn over time.


We integrate with banking platforms, payment APIs, and telecommunication infrastructure to provide a seamless experience for all stakeholders. Consumers get easy, fast, private access to loans through a simple USSD menu or smartphone app. Banks get automatic integration of the balance sheet with their existing platforms. Regulators get automatic reports and visibility into loan activity.


Security and privacy is at the core of every service we build. We encrypt all data, whether in flight or at rest, and use state-of-the-art security controls to ensure that data never falls into the wrong hands. Our services and infrastructure are regularly audited to ensure compliance with industry best practices.

We're hiring

Join us on our mission to bring modern financial services to billions. We're looking for passionate, talented engineers and data scientists who are interested in using cutting edge technology to analyze some of the most interesting data sets in the world. Send your resume to